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Valley Baptist Surgeons in the Rio Grande Valley

When it’s time for surgery—gallbladder, hernia, gynecologic, appendix, weight loss, polyp, breast biopsy or other—the board-certified general surgeons at Valley Baptist Physicians Network Surgical Associates are ready to help. With options ranging from minimally invasive techniques to robotic-assisted procedures, your experienced surgeon will suggest the least invasive treatment option for your condition.

Our advanced technology includes the robotic surgical system that assists the surgeon by translating his or her movements through the computer into the robot, who can then execute much more precise moves with tiny instruments. This system has the capability of making a tiny incision, often 2-3 cm, and causing less tissue disruption. The potential benefits to the patient include less pain, less bleeding, shorter recovery time and shorter hospital stay.

To schedule an appointment to find out if you are a good candidate for a robotic-assisted procedure or another surgery, contact us today to visit one of our clinics in either Harlingen or Brownsville, TX.